Onward Moles in Aspect!

In the Eighth Week of the Leacock Anniversaries, on Tuesday (May 14th) instead of Monday for reasons too complicated to recount, I continue the Saga of the Dark Tower.

Before I write a new posting I always read what I wrote the previous time, in order that this blog, as it creeps in its petty pace from week to week, maintains at least some semblance of continuity. I note therefore that last week I told you that Olde Stephen and I have become, for present purposes, moles in aspect, star-nosed moles to be specific. We assume this form in order to make our way through the layered viscosities that surround the Dark Tower wherein lurks (or that is itself) the wild Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice. These layered viscosities I have called the Charged Perceptual Medium, while B.W. Powe has called them the Charged Global Membrane.  These alternatives are both aimed in the same direction: to name something that is by its nature pervasive and obvious but extremely difficult to describe. B.W. and I are entirely agreed on the idea that it is “charged” including, as he insists in his recent book, all puns on the verbs “to charge” and “to be charged”. We are charged to charge the Charged Global Membrane (or Perceptual Medium) and not to count the charge.

I have suggested also that the Membrane may also be thought of as a Mem-Brain, that is, a phenomenon not only “out there”, but “in here”, and having something to do with memory, but whether that involves something remembered, or something that should not be forgotten, or perhaps both, remains to be discovered.

B.W.’s book, by the way, is called The Charge in the Global Membrane and is newly published by NeoPoeisis Press. I attended its launch in Markham, Ontario, last Saturday, and a fine evocative event that was to be sure. I drove 287.5 kilometres to be there, and 287.5 kilometres back again, and the experience was worth every one of them. I am now reading the book. I trust that its effects will be discernible in the wonderful adventure that is about to unfold of Olde Stephen and I, aspected as star-nosed moles, as we make our way through the Charged Global-Perceptual Membrane-Medium-MemBrain towards the Dark Tower, dauntlessly blowing the Slug-Horn as we progress, in order to keep its pipes open. This sounds very like what a star-nosed mole would sound like if it were singing through its nose while burrowing.

The immediate effect of this slug-horning, we were delighted to discover, was that we were able to make our way forward quite easily through the layered viscosities, the challenge being to avoid transforming ourselves from moles in aspect to something more resembling snails in aspic. We paused for a moment in our burrowing to draw the lesson from this finding, which I pass on to you for what it is worth.

“We know that the Charged Global-Perceptual Membrane-Medium-MemBrain is vast,” we told ourselves, “and impossible to encompass. We are not charged, however, to encompass it all, but only the part in which we are burrowing. The rest we can leave to its own devices. Daunting it may be, but dauntless we can be. By blowing the slug-horn as we go we can lower the viscosity of its layers and proceed in our search for the Dark Tower without undue hindrance. We don’t know where it is, but trust that our finely-tuned senses will lead us there. We constantly tune them to the slug-horn just to be sure.”

Vastly comforted, and fully charged, we burrowed on.


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