Tomorrow the Preparations Launch!

Stephen Leacock was born in Hampshire, England on December 30, 1869, emigrated to Canada in 1876, and died in Toronto on March 28th, 1944. Next year—2019—will thus be the 150th anniversary of his birth and the 75th anniversary of his death, a sesquicentennial and a triaquateriacentennial (septuagintaquinquennial?) in the same year.

This blog, its companion blogs: ( and, and its connected web site ( are going to pull out all the stops in order to celebrate this occasion as it should be celebrated. We are taking a whole year, beginning tomorrow (March 28th, 2018), to prepare for the main launch in one year’s time. The Celebration itself will last for 277 days, ending on the sesquicentennial day itself.

The fanfare will blast out slughorn-wise as follows:

Through an iSymposium building on the earlier (1985) Leacock Symposium at the University of Ottawa. Ideas were floated there that cry out to be pursued;

In a book telling about our adventures with Stephen Leacock which go back many years but were particularly boisterous in 2017; and

By continuing the various elements in our Stephen Leacock Project which is now agitating to expand into a Canadian Enlightenment Project.

E-mails will start to go out tomorrow with invitations to participate in the iSymposium. If you want to be on the list, please write to us at

Details and ideas will appear on all the media we can summon to the task. Please stay tuned.



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