From Re-Tour to Re-Turn: Day 42

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017: Vancouver

Thoughts rattling around in my head before setting out for the Finale event at Green College. Stephen Leacock wrapped up his tour at UBC, and so will we.

No diminution of enthusiasm for the old buster, nor for talking about him, nor for performing his works. I wonder how many subjects would endure so well after 41 days on the road, plus previews, and 55 events. One more to go.

Such friendly and interested audiences, such wonderful hospitality.

About 7,200 kleacocks to get this far. The return journey will be more direct, adding about 4,800 more.

The outward journey was primarily about cities and events. The return will be mostly about space and distance. We have seen some of those too on the way out, but the focus was always on the next port of call and its events.

I am looking forward to the drive, all of it, be the weather what it may. Right now it looks not too bad at least for the first stage back to Edmonton. Then we’ll see.

Mountains, parkland, prairie, boreal forest and lakes, Lake Superior, the North Channel and Georgian Bay. Seven days driving if the weather holds, with four days for family in Edmonton.

It’s going to feel good to round the last turn at Hepworth and head north up the Peninsula. Home. Dog. Friends — two sadly departed since we left. Forest. Quiet. Winter coming. Routine.

So much to remember, so much to think about, so many new channels to explore.

Please stay tuned. This blog will become something different in the new year.


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