Day 23: Edmonton (Sherwood Park, in fact) and the Joy of Unsolved Riddles

November 10, 2017

People have been asking for the lyrics to Unsolved Riddles Forever! Here they are. I’ll put them on our web-site or make a page of them later on.

Unsolved Riddles Forever!
Lyrics by Paul W Conway
Tune: The Maple Leaf Forever
(Alexander Muir 1830-1906)

When Stephen Leacock looked across
The wide excursions of this land,
He could have seen an albatross
Hung out on every hand;
But instead he heard the songs of birds,
The dancing tunes of fiddles;
He laughed, sat down, and put in words
The Joy of Unsolved Riddles.

At Unsolved Riddles let us smile
And count them as a blessing,
We’ll keep our sense of humour while
We go on forever guessing.

But words are not the only thing
For this most confusing maze;
We need to laugh, we need to sing
As we fumble on our ways;
Our songs we need not complicate
With fancy tarradiddles,
Just good plain tunes to consummate
The Joy of Unsolved Riddles.

Then let us raise both glass and voice
As the wacky world we face,
And ease our throats while we rejoice
At the muddle we embrace;
We’ll take the best we can extract
From rights and lefts and middles,
And drink, and laugh, and learn to act
On the Joy of Unsolved Riddles.

We’ll grasp the nettle, meet our Fate,
However hot the griddles,
And never underestimate
The Joy of Unsolved Riddles.

May 7, 2017


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