Day One: Towards Orillia via Sibbald’s Point, Ontario

Thursday, October 19, 2017: On the Road

To go from Northern Bruce Peninsula, where we live, to Orillia, where we will launch our Re-Tour (see is more straight-forward than most routes in southern Ontario. This is thanks to Georgian Bay, over which the voyaging crow would have to fly if he wanted to do it his way. The motorist must loop around the shore, and once on the other side Orillia is not far away.

Lake Simcoe, south of Orillia, which lies in the way of many routes across northern southern Ontario, does not need to interfere this time, but we made it do so. We sent around the south of the lake in order to visit Leacock’s grave.

Triumphs for the day: Everything fit in the car; weather was glorious, warm and sunny; traffic was tolerable except coming back through Bradford when we encountered Bradford’s rush hour — stop and go for a while; First Conversation of the Re-Tour with Peter Sibbald Brown, and what a good one!

Leacock is buried in the churchyard at Sibbald’s Point. The church is remarkable.

No time to write more. Orillia events begin soon. These posts will evolve. Or not, as the case may be.





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